Cryptocurrency VS Fiat money

Cryptocurrency VS Fiat money

As Bitcoin takes the world by storm, we start to question fiat money’s position as the de facto currency of the future. Is it possible to create an ideal balance between the two systems, and to move forward in a direction that honors both the old and the new?

Cryptocurrency VS Fiat money

Cryptocurrency and fiat money, money declared as legal tender by government, each have unique advantages and disadvantages in today’s global economy. Cryptocurrency offers greater transparency and portability, and it allows you greater authority over your money. However, it is subject to market fluctuations, cannot be recovered if lost, and many people do not yet fully understand what it is or how it works, and as a result do not trust it.

Fiat money can be be spent much more easily than crypto (at least for now). It can be produced by central banks as they see fit, giving them greater control and the ability to prevent or reduce damage from financial crises, although the economic events of 2008 call that into question. The disadvantage of fiat money is it can be printed on demand, making existing money less valuable and creating inflation. It is controlled by financial institutions rather than consumers, and as a result, lacks transparency.

The fact is both forms of currency play a vital role in the current global economy. The secret is to create a balance between the two systems, so that consumers can reap the benefits of each. To do this, we must merge the worlds of Forex and Cryptocurrency.

The Best of Both Worlds

Forex represents the biggest liquid market in the world, with over $5 trillion in average daily trading. As a multi-billion dollar market, and one that is growing exponentially, cryptocurrency deserves a place at the table.   We envision the combination of Forex and cryptocurrency markets, from which there emerges a new global economic system, one which possesses all the advantages of the previous one.

Old-School Broker with New-School Ideas

A prime example of a company with this kind of vision of balance between crypto and fiat, is Larson&Holz. Despite being an old-school broker, they have gone in a new direction with the company by launching their own ICO.  The project features a proven business model, long history and large client base.  It has a ‘cashback’ feature, similar in every way to dividend payments. As part of a feature called ‘the Early Bird Bonus,’ investors receive profits immediately after the pre-ICO stage, and as a well-established broker, they can provide to token holders the unique guarantee of a 20% token yield during the first year. The project is revolutionary in that it is raising funds to create a crypto version of an existing Forex broker.

Intelligent Investing is the Key

As we race toward a future increasingly dominated by digital currency, it becomes clear that we must invest intelligently. Larson&Holz represents an intelligent investment with serious potential, thanks to its unique characteristics and the ingenuity behind it.


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